Casey is an accomplished speaker and author, penning numerous articles and being asked to present or speak at multiple, conferences, marches, and rallies.  

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Some of the work I do with endometriosis patients was featured in Dr. Tamer Seckin's book:

Some of the work I do with endometriosis patients was featured in Dr. Tamer Seckin's book:

Being interviewed as a part of EFA and Worldwide EndoMarch on the Today Show. March 2015

Endometriosis Patient and Advocate, Casey Berna Fertility Revolution Podcast July2014

Participating in the first ever Worldwide EndoMarch by sharing my story.  March 2014

Awareness video created to educate and promote excitement for the first ever Worldwide EndoMarch.  Follow this little superhero as she spreads endometriosis awareness! January 2014

Casey Berna shares her story at the Endo Warriors launch party (weeks after her second excision surgery) and explains the profound impact understanding and support can have when living with endometriosis. November 2013