Petition to ACOG to Improve Standards of Care for Endometriosis Patients

Below is a picture of what ACOG uses as the standard of care for the management of endometriosis: 

If you do not agree with this standard of care or if you or someone you love has suffered because of a delay of diagnosis or a lack of effectual care, please sign this petition.

ACOG needs to:

  • Immediately confer with the endometriosis community to update their standards of care and management of endometriosis. We are asking that ACOG set up a public meeting with a panel consisting of patients, advocates, non-profit leaders and medical experts, to learn how their current standards are harming patients and how to move forward with more effective standards.
  •   Work with endometriosis excision experts at AAGL to create coding for endometriosis excision techniques so that the gold standard of endometriosis care is accessible to all patients.  
  • Commit to educating practitioners on the new standards of care agreed upon. 
  • Commit to help acquiring more funding for endometriosis research separate from those done by pharmaceutical companies that  have conflicting interests. 
  • Commit to being a leader in endometriosis care and help patient advocates change standards of endometriosis care for other medical organizations such as ASRM, AAP and ACNM to name a few. 
  • Continue to work with patient advocates and endometriosis experts on the standards of care and management of endometriosis and make changes as needed. 

For further information, read The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists:Improving Healthcare for Endometriosis Patients